Southeast Bottling offers a broad range of filling & processing capabilities from 2 oz to 64 oz, hot fill and cold fill. We can handle all your needs with our full turnkey services. Our new facility is 76,000 sq ft and is cGMP and FDA registered.
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Using a qualified contract packer like Southeast Bottling & Beverage enables our team to devote our time to management and marketing, while eliminating the expense and responsibility of operating a production facility.

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Five Filling Rooms
Each filling room is individually HEPA filtered and climate controlled. This ensures the elimination of cross contamination and maintains the highest level of sanitation. We maintain stable temperatures and humidity levels, designed to keep your products fresh.

Separate Pharmacy
An enclosed room with HEPA filtration for measuring out ingredients. Ingredients have their correct identity, quality, and purity.

Air-conditioned Warehouse for Raw Ingredients
All ingredients are stored in an air-conditioned warehouse separate from components or finished goods. This warehouse is climate controlled to maintain quality and stability of ingredients.

On-site Refrigerated Storage
We have a walk in cooler for ingredients that need to stay colder than the average ingredients prior to production.

31,000 Gallons of Tank Capacity
Our multiple tanks, totaling 31,000 gallons of total capacity give us flexibility for the run size that your production needs.

3 Liquid Filling Lines
Southeast Bottling & Beverage currently runs 3 different lines, a high speed rotary line, a dedicated shot line and a dedicated water line, to allow for customer flexibility.

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High Performance Beverages team has over 80 combined years of professional operations and production experience in the beverage industry. We have developed a new line of beverages that we hope will please everyone who drinks them. We’ve spent many years in the lab developing our beverages and fine tuning healthy ingredients that will make you feel refreshed and hydrated. Replace what you are burning off during your workouts and daily routine.

The High Performance™ drink was carefully formulated to hydrate, support mental focus, increase blood flow and muscle recovery, thereby, giving the body the proper fuel necessary to power through the day. Whether you are looking to achieve optimal performance in the ring, on the field, or in the workplace. High Performance™ drink will help give you that “competitive edge” you’re looking for!

Our unique blends are designed to bridge the gap between energy, supplements and hydration drinks, which will broaden our appeal while expanding our target market. We are creating a first to market new beverage segment, and consider ourselves the most complete performance sports drink in the market by supplying you with the mental focus and energy you need, while hydrating like a sports drink, and giving you the recovery formulation that is demanded for superior conditioning.

Because of the multi-purpose approach with this first of its kind performance sports beverage, this drink appeals to a wide range retailers and ultimately a much broader consumer base. This drink will be used by some of the top athletes in the world because of the science behind it, and we expect for High Performance™ to eventually become an instantly recognizable household name.

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Stay tuned for our behind-the-scenes walk-through of the bottling facility!

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