We are proud to announce HPBEV now sponsors Ryan Delaire #91 DE with the Carolina Panthers! ‪#‎Superbowl50‬ bound!

They are giving us all of the best nootropics that we can handle!

Latest Company News:     High Performance Beverage Co. Receives $5 Million Equity Line Funding Commitment

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Energy matrix

  • Caffeine only 80mg per bottle (very safe level)
  • Beta-Alanine increases muscle power output, peak oxygen uptake
  • Green Tea Extract increases your metabolic rate and energy level

Recovery Matrix

  • Ÿ L-Arginine hemodilating properties can enhance blood flow and lower blood pressure
  • L-Glutamine muscle and joint recovery
  • Isoleucine helps keeps the bone, muscle, and skin of the body healthy and promotes rapid healing of tissues
  • Helps decrease lactic acid buildup in muscles


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Our Professional Athletes Are Excited About Our New Drink …

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Excited about being apart of the new journey of @highperformancebev !! Launches on Monday!!!!

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